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Meet Mr. Koo Tattoo



Meet Mr. Koo Tattoo

Mr. Koo Tattoo is a microorganism tattoo artist that incorporates geometric line work into his pieces, and is based in Toronto. He was the first micro tattoo artist in Toronto and also the owner of Ink and Water Tattoo. Inspired most by the art and design and the things around us, his work is very architectural and grab design as they are fields he worked in before becoming a tattoo artist. 

Mr. Koo Tattoo has faced challenges like the constant need of creativity because in the tattoo industry a lot of artists steal and copy or mimic styles of other artists. Every tattoo artist is guilty of that, but a lot of artists do more of that, and Mr. Koo Tattoo is constantly forced to change his style. With many challenges, he has also accomplished a lot like working with huge brands such as Nike, NBA, Adidas, Jack Daniels, Jamison, and around 5 more worldwide brands alone. A few years ago nobody thought a tattoo artist would be able to get on billboards throughout Canada and America for doing what he does, but Mr. Koo Tattoo did. Not just being a tattoo artist, but being a creator and doing design work is what makes him different.

This year, Mr. Koo Tattoo plans to achieve a lot more in the art industry. Pushing himself forward and moving into another career so he’s able to experiment with his other talents. He still wants to continue tattooing on his off hours, but would like to create even more art. He hopes to work with many more brands so he is able to bring out his creativity in a new way.  

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