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Nathan Sanajuha makes a name for himself with his new track “Overthinker”



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For a long time, the world of dance music has needed a breath of fresh air. Finding fresh music and talent in this industry has proven challenging. That was until Nathan Sanahuja arrived. With his track “Overthinker,” he has astounded the music industry. Nathan has gone on to become a global musical sensation and an immediate smash.

“Overthinker” is a soothing melodic atmosphere with accompanying percussion that creates a memorable listening experience. Listeners stated that regardless of their mood, they loved listening to the music since it raised their spirits whenever and wherever they heard it. They expect him to release more songs like this in the future.

This song was created in collaboration with Nathan Sanahuja’s previous record company, Rumor Records. Both sides worked hard to ensure that the song was finished in time for the debut and that it would gain tens of thousands of fans globally. It’s fantastic to see that ambition come true.

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