Nitesh Kumar Promises to Keep You Laughing with His Desi Comic Style


Nitesh Kumar (Nitin) is an internet smash with trending videos and booming subscribers on youtube.

His youtube channel, ‘The MriDul,’ is entwined with him, MriDul, Pragati, and Ujjwal Sharv (featured as Mastani) and now they are one of India’s top 10 creators.

Their videos are hysterical as they camp it up to create fun videos around common topics. Overall their content highlight is that they are family-friendly and lighthearted comedies that can be watched by any age group.

With their epic concepts and hilarious scripts the channel ‘The MriDul’ has around 14.6 billion views with approx 93 videos. While 286 million views solely on ‘School Life’ became one of the most viewed videos on the channel.

Their journey started in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Nitin was born and used to do photography as a hobby, he is another influencer in the group.

Later, they developed a curiosity about making videos on youtube and started making videos together. In the same series, they created a blockbuster content named ‘Bhai Behen Ka Pyar’ along with Pragati. The video received 43 lakh views in one day, and there has been no looking back since then, as his videos kept trending on youtube.

Channel ‘The MriDul’ has all the Silver, Gold, and Diamond buttons from youtube and Nitin has around 312k followers on his Instagram (@i.am.nitin_). While he praises love on Facebook and Twitter handles.

Nitin also has a youtube channel,’ I AM NITIN,’ where he shares his traveling and life updates with the people. His recent video on his channel shows his and his friend’s trip to Thailand, which they seem to enjoy as they share their journey, stay, and Thai cuisine.

It isn’t easy to mark your presence on social media if you don’t have unique ideas to entertain the audience; however, Nitin realized his talent to charm people at a young age.

According to him, “Once you have identified who your target market is, follow your instinct and take a calculated risk. Don’t be afraid to examine widely held beliefs because every niche has a lot of unproven hypotheses. It might demonstrate your creative problem-solving capacity and help you develop fresh ideas.”

Nitin’s grasp of ordinary people’s lifestyles and concerns makes his content relatable connecting his audience.

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