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Obelisk of Buenos Aires: Google Doodle celebrates the Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Argentine historic monument



celebrating the obelisk of buenos aires or Obelisco de Buenos Aires

Google Doodle celebrates the Obelisk of Buenos Aires (Obelisco de Buenos Aires), a national historic monument tower and icon of Buenos Aires, over Argentina as a symbol of national pride, on May 23, 2021.

Obelisk of Buenos Aires situated in the Plaza de la República in the intersection of avenues Corrientes and 9 de Julio was raised in 1936 to honor the quadricentennial of the first foundation of the city.

Construction started on March 20, 1936, and it was done on May 23 of the same year. Built in only 31 days from blocks of white Córdoba stone, the monument juts into the skyline where the Argentinian flag was first raised above Buenos Aires in 1536.

It was designed by architect Alberto Prebisch (one of the main architects of Argentine modernism who additionally designed the Teatro Gran Rex, in Corrientes and Suipacha) at the request of the mayor Mariano de Vedia y Miter (selected by president Agustín Pedro Justo).

Designed by illustrious Argentine architect Alberto Prebisch, every one of the four shafts of the Obelisk implies critical moments of Buenos Aires history: the city’s foundation in 1536 and again in 1580, the first celebration of the Argentinian flag in 1812, and the acceptance of Buenos Aires as the country’s capital in 1880.

The obelisk was worked by the German organization G.E.O.P.E. – Siemens Bauunion – Grün & Bilfinger, which finished its work in a record time of 31 days, with 157 laborers. The quick solidifying of Incor cement was used and was built in sections of 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) to work with the dumping of concrete.

In any case, the strategic location of the monument carries significantly more than simply historical importance. The Obelisk additionally remains at the intersection of two of the capital’s famous roads: Avenida Corrientes and Avenida 9 de Julio. Under the landmark, three of the city’s underground metro lines converge, making it a magnetic meet-up spot for the sprawling Argentine megalopolis.

On May 23, 2021, Google showed Doodle for celebrating the Obelisk of Buenos Aires. The present Google Doodle is represented by Buenos Aires-based guest artists Carolina Silvero and Juan Elizalde of Estudio Guardabosques.

The Obelisk of Buenos was introduced on this day in 1936 to pay tribute to four centuries since Buenos Aires’ foundation.

While the present Doodle artwork downsizes the monument, you can appreciate a perspective on the more than 200-foot tall Obelisk from numerous parts of the Argentine capital.


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