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Offering luxuriousness and exclusivity through their car rental brand VEM Exotic Rentals are Hakop Jack Vartanyan and Gary Vartanyan.



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VEM Exotic Rentals today serves as one the best car rental companies across Southern California.

Who doesn’t like travelling on long roads and enjoy a good ride, especially when it comes to places like America? Well, it all seems like a dream when we think of driving the most opulent cars on bigger and broader roads of the US. But, all of this could become a reality with VEM Exotic Rentals, a car rental company founded by Hakop Jack Vartanyan and Gary Vartanyan. These youngsters have made it their aim to make the dreams of many possible by providing them the best fleet of car rentals in Southern California and that’s what they have been doing ever since they founded their company based in Los Angeles.

People generally find companies and brands that can not only offer them the opulent most cars but those that are also affordable. This is a combination which is rare to find across the US, but VEM Exotic Rentals by the Vartanyan brothers are going beyond boundaries to make all of this possible and turn people’s car dreams into reality with their wide-range of car rental offerings. If it is about true luxuriousness and exclusivity, then VEM Exotic Rentals is all you need in America as they are a brand that is known for providing the best luxury cars at the best rates, offering the best experience to all their clients.

In a very short period of time, VEM Exotic Rentals under the leadership of Hakop Jack Vartanyan and Gary Vartanyan have become a favourite of almost all car lovers and enthusiasts. They have also been rated amongst the top in America on various top sites. At the unbelievable rates that they offer car rentals, they also provide 24/7 service throughout the year, which makes them even more unique in the industry. They are a company that believe in providing the best customer service, which has allowed them to come at the forefront of the auto industry of America.

Whether it is their broad car categories like premium, economic, business, or luxury cars or their fleet of cars in luxury brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bentley, VEM Exotic Rentals is gradually leading its way to the top in the auto industry and is impressing people with their topnotch services and affordably rated cars.

Follow their website now, to know more and do follow Hakop Jack Vartanyan on Instagram @vem_jack for any other queries.

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