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Pejvak Imani, a famous Iranian actor, explains how to enter the field of histrionics



Pejvak Imani a famous Iranian actor explains how to enter the field of histrionics

Histrionics is a complicated world, and for understanding it you must learn the science behind it.

Pejvak Imani, in some of his presentations, has presented explanations about the ways one may enter histrionics. Subsequently, we will cover some parts of his talk.

Pejvak has mentioned several points on acting tests through his presentations.

He added: Your body language defines you before you do. The level of your self-confidence, sense of comfort, and relaxation are all seen in your body gestures. Believe me, directors are eager as much as you, to find someone suitable for a given role, so look at their eyes confidently. Just chill out, be calm and enter without any stress. Everything is under your control.

Before going to the test center, remember these; first, either eating a lot or being hungry, affects your performance. A drop in blood pressure and sugar or perturbation in movements decreases the quality of your play. I recommend a simple and nourishing meal before your test to be prepared, for your talents to flourish. Your appearance is another significant issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Wearing casual clothes that don’t fit you, or unusual makeup and hairstyle make the conditions harder for you. Be ordinary as much as possible and remember that success is hidden in honesty and simplicity. 

Acting tests are given in two ways; video recording or on the stage. This means you play in front of a camera or on a Plato or show stage. The plays of all the candidates are often recorded and stored. Generally, there is no considerable difference between these two, however, when you enter the room for the test and face a camera, before playing ask whether you should look at the camera lens or not. This will show the director that you are aware of the importance and the way of playing in front of a camera, and you aim to have influence. From the beginning, consider the camera because it may be turned on before your entrance. So be careful, since you enter your test procedure starts. No one is like you and the best play of you is when you are yourself without any pretension.

Each director has a special way to give a test in acting. These events are often started with an introduction. They want you to introduce yourself. The next stages vary according to different directors. Some directors only make conversation with candidates to recognize their personal and apparent aspects. In this stage, one may be accepted or rejected. Other directors ask the candidate to speak about one of the satisfying or annoying memories of their life. This puts you in different situations such as happiness, sadness, fear, etc. Note that, here you should never pretend or act and as much as possible speak naturally.

Pejvak Imani added:

Before taking a test or acting, you should memorize the dialog, scene, things you are supposed to do, stands and pauses, and when “audio”, “camera” and “action” are pronounced, just like when you stare at your fingers and see everything behind them fade, while you focusing on your fingers. In the play it’s the same, you should see and concentrate on the role while the surroundings and behind the scene are all blurred to you, “everything you bore in mind must be faded for you.”

Pejvak Imani, born on the 25th of June in 1990 in Tehran city. He was the only child in the family. When he finished primary school, he immigrated to Canada with his family. He pursued higher education in MBA at Ryerson University and then started participating in acting and stand-up classes at the YUK YUK’s club. Gaining two years of experience in those classes encourages him to start playing stand-ups and free theater in Toronto. After getting experience in the theater, he returned to Iran and started learning under the supervision of great masters of Iranian directors such as Vahid Jalilvand. Then in 2016, he played a small role in a TV series and after playing several minor and major roles he appeared on the silver screen of the cinema.

He has a famous quote: “Histrionics means becoming, once you start playing you fail.” 

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