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Podcaster Aaron Civitarese Reveals His Mindset Secret That Led To His Success



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The consumer society brought people a lot of benefits and progress in general, but also accelerated certain forms of dissatisfaction. We are used to looking for happiness in the possession of things; but the more we strive for it, the more it avoids us.

The result of the activity of our mind is not only endless chatter in the head but also the ego it has created, a protective shield of critical judgments, definitions, and labels. It forms a false image of our ego and hinders us from building a true relationship with our true self. Fortunately, the mind is not omnipotent and this painful cycle can be eliminated for good.

“Everything outside of you can only bring temporary and superficial satisfaction,” says Aaron. “But before you realize this truth, you will have to go through a lot of disappointments.”

Aaron Civitarese lived through a few tough years after his world crumbled in South East Asia. “Yeah they closed the island, we had 60 days to figure out a plan, instead we all just got depressed.” He said.

But all this did not discourage him from moving forward. Quite on the contrary, he worked his way towards success, staying grateful all the way along. What followed was a massive shift in his self-awareness—a shift in his mindset! He realized that the problems were not really in the obstacles he had to face, but in his own mind- in the way, he suppressed his potential by allowing his mind to concentrate on negative aspects.

Following the realization, Aaron found himself in an extraordinary state of inner tranquility. He was amazed at how everything around seemed balanced and beautiful. He began to live in the present moment. He realized that there is harmony in any situation, and happiness, when the soul is easy, warm, and joyful, does not depend on external circumstances.

Today, Aaron head of sales at BJKU an 8-figure ecommerce consulting business and podcast host. You can only succeed in so many different spheres only if you can lead by example. So Aaron is here with us to share his best insights.

Be Here And Now

“We are usually unable to work towards a target or push past our limits because we worry about the past or future, which brings forth many fears and painful memories that upset us and somehow limit our potential. If you shift your focus from the past or future to the present and work on your To-do list mindfully, you will be able to put in your best effort, which will undoubtedly help you achieve your targets. Be grateful for the past, satisfied with the present, and excited about the future, this is the secret.”, says Aaron.

Introspection is Key

Observation, analysis, experimentation, and control are purposeful traits that never fail to yield results.

“To develop positive self-talk, first, you need to become aware of the thoughts you have as well as how you talk to yourself. One of my first Mindset Mentors Darren Little calls this becoming “The Observer ”. When you are conscious of how you speak to yourself, only then can you embark on the process of consciously replacing those thoughts and suggestions with better ones.”, says Aaron.

Stay Positive No Matter What

“The different negative thoughts pop up in your mind because of your inner critic, a demeaning inner voice you nurture when you always feed your conscious and subconscious mind negative ideas. Once you become more aware of your self-talk, acknowledge you have an inner critic that requires validation”, says Aaron.

Positive thinking brings many benefits: it increases life expectancy, reduces stress, improves physical health, and improves the ability to cope with difficult situations.

Aaron works daily to become the best version of himself. Now he wants to help you do the same. If you’re interested to know what more he has to share, start with watching his Growth Podcast.

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