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Professional Personal Trainer Jondel Santiago Speaks on the Motivation behind Working with Model Mayhem



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Jondel Santiago, a young model who works at Mount Sinai Hospital, recently got signed to modeling agency Model Mayhem and spoke of why it is exciting for him

With a drive and the dedication to stay fit, Jondel Santiago has managed to be an inspiration to many and will soon be gracing the covers of fitness magazines. The young model is constantly setting his sights on improving himself, and that gesture is paying off with his recent signing with Model Mayhem.

Jondel Santiago has worked at Mount Sinai Hospital with kids battling cancer for years, showing that although one can’t control some things, they can be encouraged to look at the good things in life. Aside from his work at the hospital, Jondel has proven his determination to succeed and uses every opportunity available to teach people how to be successful, provided they are determined enough.

Speaking about his mantra for succeeding, Jondel Santiago had this to say, “You have got to believe in yourself so much that you are willing to take all the world’s pressure like an iron shield that feels nothing, knows no one and fears nobody, and be willing to go through all the pain no one else can stand to feel.” Jondel was born in New York and raised in the Bronx. He is on a mission to show his fans how to achieve their goals and push them beyond their limit to pursue success.

Jondel Santiago’s deal with Model Mayhem has not disrupted his love for educating and inspiring his followers. One of the principles that Jondel has relentlessly taught is that of determination and going all out to achieve success as his life continues to preach the message that if he can do it, anyone else can. His message is continually vetted by his fans and followers, as he is always a testament that anything can be achieved.

Many people want to be fit and healthy, but they do not have the willpower and courage to start working out. Jondel hopes to inspire them to push through that initial barrier and begin building a workout routine to lead them to their desired body shape.

When asked who his role model was, Jondel Santiago mentioned ‘The Rock’ as his role model. He praised him by pointing out the actor’s creativity, resilience, and hard work. Jondel claims to have learned a lot of lessons from him, especially about staying fit.

Connect with Jondel Santiago via Instagram @ironklutch

About Jondel Santiago 

Jondel Luciano is a bodybuilder from New York. His biggest goal is to prove to the people that didnot believe in him that success will always be out of reach if you keep a narrow mindset. You haveto work persistently before your dreams can come true.

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