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Pros and cons of tourism industry according to Ali Maleki (Colombus Ali) famous Iranian tourist



Pros and cons of tourism industry according to Ali Maleki Colombus Ali famous Iranian tourist

For many countries in the world, tourism is of great importance and a matter of competition with others. Countries know very well that tourism can be a good source of income and employment. Besides, we can illustrate to the whole world the natural beauty of our country and rich culture by accepting tourists. So currently with the tourism industry in a country, great success can be available. Unfortunately, despite all the advantages that the tourism industry has, it can also be a source of the problem, especially when it is not managed properly. Existing a continuous stream of foreign visitors entering a country can damage the natural beauties in that country. On the other hand, the entrance of tourists can cause damages to the national alliance, unity, and social relations in a country. In the matter of tourism industries, we can easily estimate the scale of incoming and outgoing tourists without the need to check the graphs and figures. The most important factor is that tourism is a moneymaker industry. A tourist imports money with themselves. Maybe this is the most important reason for the importance of the tourism industry. The reason behind the rise in the number of tourists around the globe is that countries have discovered the importance of tourism in their economy and work towards improving tourism potentials. This economical advantage is that much important that a country can make a name in economics because of it. 

The tourism industry will cause employment in the country. Hotels, markets, airlines, taxi companies, stores, and restaurants are all the examples that progress as tourists enter, and they will need new employees. This is how tourism industries cause employment. With the rise in employment rate, a country achieves economic independence. 

With the tourism industry, your country can be famous worldwide. This industry able the local people to acquaint other people around the world with the fame of their country and show their culture to them. 

If a country faces a large number of tourists, they are obliged to prepare certain facilities and the means of comfort in a city. These facilities include roads and railways. If these facilities are prepared for the tourists, as a result, the situation of local people will be better and more comfortable than before. 

Disadvantages of Tourism

Tourism industry or tourism causes damage to the environment, e.g., pollution and wildfires. Even if the tourists take really good care of ancient fragments and do not damage them, and feel responsible, they will also cause damages. Many ancient buildings, monuments, and castles will suffer damages due to heavy traffic of people and visitors especially if the number is more than their capacities. Commercial and traders will damage the souls of touristic destinations. Touristic traditions will have to ignore their own rich culture to attract touristic satisfaction and do something opposite of their culture. Sometimes the tourists entering your country can be ignorant of your national culture and beliefs, for example, they may pay no attention to the necessity of wearing traditional costumes, or they may drink illegal drinks or behave improperly considering our behavior and culture publicly. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of tourism? 

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