Realtors: When Times Get Tough, Follow The Ricky Carruth Strategy

“I am on a huge mission to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry one agent at a time, and it is working. Agents in my program tell me all the time how they were about to quit until they found me,” says Ricky Carruth (@rickycarruth).

So who is Ricky Carruth? He’s a realtor, a coach and a guy with one philosophy that he holds above all the rest: relationships over money.

If you listen to his YouTube channel you’ll hear him mention this over and over again. It’s this philosophy he holds near and dear to his heart that allowed him to rewrite his own personal failures.

You see, by the age of just 23, Ricky had already earned a cool million in realtor fees. He credits it to the hot real estate market of the early 2000s but we speculate it’s because he’s a gifted salesman.

But despite his god-given talent, he still managed to lose it all by the age of 25, finding himself sleeping on his best friend’s couch completely broke. This is credited to the real estate crash of 2005.

As a realtor, there’s nothing better than riding the wave of a hot market. But what happens when times get tough and the market takes a nosedive? Ideally, your job wouldn’t go all the way downhill when something like that occurs, right?

Easier said than done. Typically when times get tough in certain markets, realtors move to the town over or quit altogether.

But not Ricky, soon he found himself back in the game. He took the time off to re-evaluate his philosophy in real estate sales. He decided that he would, as we mentioned earlier, value relationships over dollars. “Because money comes and goes, but people are here forever,” Carruth remarks.

After getting back into the realtor game, Carruth was doing okay, nothing amazing yet by his own standards, but good enough. As a realtor in Alabama in the early 2010s Ricky was about to learn if good enough was enough to stay in the game.

Because in 2010, the BP oil spill shocked the Alabama real estate market into submission. Coastal real estate tanked. Realtors fled to the next state over. And the real estate market was a steaming hot pile of you know what that most realtors wouldn’t touch with a 6-foot stick.

Not Ricky though. Ricky saw this as a brand new opportunity to test his new thesis. He stuck around with the people of Alabama and ended up generating $150,000 in realtor fees during the year after the spill, compared to $100,000 the year before. His income grew 50% during a time when realtors were afraid to even step foot in Alabama!

By the year 2014, he was selling over one hundred properties per year, becoming the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama and has continued that trend ever since. In fact, the experience that set him back in 2005 has set him apart from the competition now. Ricky states that it was terrifying to re-enter the realtor game after experiencing such highs and lows. And we’re sure it was scary to stick around after the BP oil spill hit. But Ricky sees fear as a part of success.

“Fear is one of the main ingredients of the recipe for success. Without fear and rejection, you cannot and will not succeed. If you do not face your fears, you are extremely selfish,” he says.

And now that Ricky has faced his fears and conquered the real estate sales game, he now seeks to get to the top of the real estate coaching business. And he’s doing it in a unique way. Where most real estate coaches charge for their business knowledge, Ricky gives his away for free. He has become the very first, completely free real estate coach in the world with over 22,000+ agents in his program with thousands of testimonials, over 38K+ subs on YouTube, 220K+ on Instagram, 50k+ downloads a month on his podcast and speeches booked all over the world.

“I am on a huge mission to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry one agent at a time, and it is working. Agents in my program tell me all the time how they were about to quit until they found me,” he shares.

If you want to keep up with Ricky, follow him on Instagram.https://www.instagram.com/rickycarruth/


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