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“Retrograde” takes you to the past with Tatu Panda on a musical journey



Retrograde takes you to the past with Tatu Panda on a musical journey

Tatu Panda established a name for himself in the music industry with his song “Retrograde.” Because he was a newcomer to the industry, no one recognized who he was, much less liked his music. With the release of “Retrograde,” Tatu is determined to reverse that impression and get people to recognize him for what he actually is capable of.

Tatu Panda enlisted the aid of Rumor Records to guarantee that he appreciated house music for what it is intended to be with “Retrograde.” They have always valued comments and expressed the artists’ desire for creative independence. One of the reasons “Retrograde” has been able to thrive as much as it has is because of this.

The name “Retrograde” refers to the fact that it pays homage to vintage house music. It lets listeners experience the genre the way it was meant to be experienced. There are far too many musicians that produce mainstream music in order to fit in with the current quo. While this isn’t always a bad thing, Tatu believes that people should respect music in its purest form. When he composed “Retrograde,” he had it in mind.

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