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Some Important Things to Consider When Starting With a Chatbot



Some Important Things to Consider When Starting With a Chatbot


If you want answers to questions like what is a chatbot and other important information about Chatbot, read this article. Here are some important things to consider about Chatbot


Develop a Content for Your Content

Find out what content you would like customers to engage with in all chatbot interactions.

Try to get started with FAQs. Consider what questions customers might ask your chatbot, thus creating the right flow to guide users to the best possible answer.

If you are unsure of the frequently asked questions, look inside the groups that work with your customers.

Customer Service: Your customer service representatives are more likely to speak to your customers than anyone else in your company. Ask them what trends they see in customer queries.

Sales: Your sales customers are more likely to discuss expectations than anyone else. Find out what questions prevent a user from turning into a customer.

Marketing: Your marketing team, and especially your social media marketing team, will have details of why people reach out to you on social media. These questions are important to your social media chatbots.

If you prefer to create more art and then choose content that is more focused on advertising, check out what content you have that best supports your goal before creating new content.

Write a Great Opening Message

The welcome message is incredibly important in engaging users and making them responsive to your chatbot. The best opening messages we’ve ever seen are the compelling ones, setting expectations and asking questions.


Be Compulsive

Just because an automatic does not mean it should sound like a robot. Get back to your chatbot personality and have fun with your message to get users engaged. Just make sure you keep your social product word.


Set Expectations

First, inform customers that they are chatting with a bot to understand potential chat limits. Second, let customers know how and when to talk to a real person.


Ask Questions

Once you have connected your audience, ask them questions that will keep the conversation going. Use the key questions you found in step No. 3 to ensure that it satisfies the needs of the customer.

Below is an example of this guide. The chatbot welcomes users with a fun-moving gif to get things started.

After all, the bot claims that this is a special forum and forces users to answer a question by saying that they are starting their own, personal journey.

Easter eggs can be fun and — you know the references to Doctor Who and Harry Potter in the middle of the screenshot above?


Start Mapping Customer Travel

Once you have asked the first round of questions, start making a map of what the conversation journey might look like. You can do this with the best chatbot, or if you are not already there, start by creating patterns using shapes and arrows in Google Drawings.


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