Teachings from Ebrahim Etemadi about Hormozgani music


Ebrahim Etemadi is a singer and musician from Hormozgani who we have been hearing interesting and attractive works from for years. He has worked with many music teachers including Aslam Nazari, Omid Jahan, Rashid Bestaki, etc. and recently he wrote a valuable book about music.

Ebrahim Etemadi He is from Kholos village of Hormozgan province. One of the interesting points of this village is the different language of its inhabitants, which is very complicated and difficult. Ibrahim is also fully fluent in this sweet southern language and grew up in this village.

It should be noted that the race of some residents is also Indian. The reason for the variety of music in this area is partly due to the climate and partly due to its being a port, while the exchange and communication with other countries has caused a lot of ritual music such as Zar and Liwa music to be formed in this city.

The length of Hormozgan province and having more than 1000 kilometers of coast has caused that every place in this province has a kind of music, for example, when we go to Jask, the color and smell of Balochi appears in the instruments and accents of the artists, and basically this region is open in terms of Being a space and interacting with different cultures, different musical moods have grown and expanded.

In the main body of native music of Hormozgan, there is an almost chamber and urban music, which is performed with instruments such as oud and jafti, etc., and some Zar, Liva, Nuban, and Razif music, which have ritual aspects, and each of these styles has its own philosophy, story, and It has a myth and even a separate history, and according to this, music must be subject to the same legends, if the medical aspect appears in the music and when we listen to this music, we realize that this music is complete because the texture, arrangement, climax and It has perihelion and in terms of technique, it is perfect music.

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