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THE C.E.O. MINDSET & BUSINESS STRATEGIST FOR WOMEN – Amber Singleton Tips and Tricks on Having a Career in Real Estate



THE C.E.O. MINDSET BUSINESS STRATEGIST FOR WOMEN – Amber Singleton Tips and Tricks on Having a Career in Real Estate

1. How can building business credit help in the long run?

Building business credit shows discipline and responsibility as a whole if you can run a successful company all while building credit and business vendor relationships this will show character and that’s the characteristic others are looking to gain

2. How important is building a good credit history for a business?

Building business credit will help with cash flow in the future if the company has accounts receivable and if the company is looking to expand they can obtain loans with favourable interest rates

3. How can people seek your advice on navigating the best way to go in terms of their business?

I can be reached on Instagram @ambersells4u or call me @9513226630

4. How can purchasing an existing business benefit a sole proprietorship or LLC?

You can benefit by purchasing an existing corporation if you a sole prop or LLC by exhibiting stability with the age of business on paper and attaching this with your existing business operations and skills you look more viable and you can put yourself on payroll and build your retirement fund also save on taxes for the company consult with your CPA on the benefits afforded by incorporating as I’m not licensed

5. How do your personal experiences, including failures, contribute to audience knowledge and expertise?

Your business success and business failure can build strength and confidence it’s not about how  hard you fall it’s about what you learned from the fall and what you did once you stood up people may not understand your vision or your dreams just keep going it’s not their dream or vision god gave it to you remember we are all blessed with individual talents and gifts it’s about how you use them to help others while taking care of yourself and your business

6. What skills do you possess that can add value to a business?

I’m an asset to the average small business owner because I operate outside the box I see things differently I see a business through a different lens that’s what makes me unique I don’t think like everyone else when it comes to setup and structure some get it others don’t but I’m here to help the community that understands my thought process when it comes to business and operations and structure and strategy my experience is immeasurable.

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