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Top 10 best and excellent apps for pet owners on Android



Top 10 best and excellent apps for pet owners on Android.

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience. They’re fundamentally individuals from the family. Owning a pet hasn’t changed a lot in the last few hundred years. Nonetheless, technology has made it much simpler. There are lots of apps out there for pets. The greater part of them is goofy, fun stuff like camera apps, Twitter profiles, and games. There are a lot of incredible apps for pet owners that are likewise profoundly utilitarian. Here are the best pet apps for Android.

We additionally prescribe microchipping your animal to track down them assuming they’re lost. There aren’t any great pet locater apps accessible on versatile right now except if you buy unique GPS collars. Microchipping is general and can assist you with viewing it as a lost pet.

The best pet apps for Android

  1. 11pets
  2. Amazon Shopping
  3. Chewy
  4. Google Search
  5. Rover
  6. Pawprint
  7. PetDesk
  8. Pet First Aid
  9. Reddit
  10. Veterinarian network apps (link to VitusVet)


Cost: Free

11pets is a brilliant app for pet owners. It deals with all of the medical data for your pet. That incorporates medicine reminders, food tracking, grooming, ear, and teeth cleaning, different estimations like weight and height, and, obviously, vaccinations.

You can likewise get reminders for impending vet arrangements. It monitors this stuff, so you don’t need to. It has an occasional bug, yet all at once nothing serious. The app is additionally totally free, with no in-app buys or advertisements.

Amazon Shopping

Cost: Free/$119.99 each year/$13.99 each month

Amazon is an incredible app for pet owners. You can find cages, litter boxes, treats, food, and a wide range of other stuff on Amazon. You additionally get the advantage of their reviews. In this way, you can check whether the different things worked for others too.

Match that with a strong return policy, for the most part, certain positive shipping experiences, and it’s hard not to prescribe Amazon to individuals with pets. Obviously, most pet owners definitely knew this stuff in any case.


Cost: Free/Product costs differ

Chewy is another online shopping app for pet individuals. It brags north of 1,000 brands different things, free shipping on certain orders, and the sky is the limit from there. They have stuff for a wide range of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and others. They have a preferred choice of food over most pet stores. You might schedule shipments of stuff for when you really want them.

The organization really offers limits in the event that you “auto-ship” on a schedule. We truly preferred that feature in our testing. There is next to no amiss with this app and a ton of stuff they do well. It’s totally allowed to utilize like most shopping apps, and you get free shipping after any request for $50 or more.

Google Search

Cost: Free

There used to be a fair determination of pet toxins and animal poison apps on the Play Store. In any case, a large portion of them haven’t been updated in years and don’t run well on present-day gadgets. In this manner, on the off chance that you dread your pet has ingested poison, the momentum best technique is a basic Google Search.

As a test, we found out if dogs could eat grapes, and we found a straight solution immediately. If you have any desire to investigate Play Store offerings, APCC by ASPCA used to be the highest quality level, and Vet CPD is very great too. In the event that both of that apps get updates, we’ll return them to this list.


Cost: Free/Varies

Rover is similar to Airbnb for pets, yet for the most part dogs. You can track down dog sitters in your space for your trips out of town, vacations, or different events where you won’t be home to deal with the dog. The service incorporates an informing service so you can converse with the dog sitter however much you need and a rating system to find the ones you need the most. The sitter can likewise send you photos over the app. It’s an incredible service for dog sitting.

The main disadvantage is the app some of the time has waves of bugs. For example, at the hour of this composition, individuals are having issues uploading photos to the app’s chat room. It’ll pass some time, however, it’s as yet a minor annoyance.


Cost: Free

Pawprint is a pet medical records tracker. You can enter your animals, their microchip numbers, their medications (where vital), their vet visits, and, surprisingly, their home of home. The app additionally features reminders for specific tasks (like booster shots) and original documents from vets, and that’s just the beginning.

Your pet’s vet must be a piece of the network for everything to fall into place, yet it’s a basic app with a great deal of functionality. The expectation to learn and curve can be steep for some, however, it’s not excessively huge of a deal.


Cost: Free

PetDesk is basically the same as 11pets. It allows you to track your pet’s health, medications, vaccinations, and different estimations and metrics. That incorporates reminders to get new vaccinations, a coordinated plan for the day app, a list of neighboring animal hospitals and vets, and more.

It’s an above-average one-stop-shop for pet owners. It’s a better-than-expected all-inclusive resource for pet people. It ought to help most kinds of pets also. The app is totally free, with no in-app buys or ads that we could see.

Pet First Aid

Cost: Free

Pet First Aid is a genuinely fundamental app for pets. It’s an app that teaches things like pet CPR, how to oust something from a choking pet’s throat, and other such medical emergencies. The app covers a scope of stuff, including smoke inhalation, and bleeding, and that’s just the beginning.

The app doesn’t uphold a lot of pest kinds. In any case, it covers the famous ones like dogs and cats. This is most certainly one of the better pet apps that everybody ought to attempt.


Cost: Free/$3.99 each month/$24.99 each year

Reddit is a nice asset for pet owners. There is an assortment of subreddits for animal lovers. You can find the typical fare -like pet photos and that’s what things like. In any case, it is likewise a brilliant source of advice and data from fellow pet owners.

Obviously, you ought to continuously look for veterinary assistance for serious things, yet there are a few extraordinary thoughts for lesser things like potty preparation for a ferret, behavioral tricks for your dogs, or other things like this.

There is an optional Reddit Gold subscription that removes ads and adds features. Be that as it may, old Reddit ought to work for the vast majority. There is likewise a healthy supply of third-party Reddit apps in the event that you could do without this one.

Veterinarian network apps

Cost: Free (normally)

Numerous veterinarians are essential for huge networks. Those networks as a rule have apps. A few models incorporate Banfield and VitusVet. You can register your pets there and get a total medical history on your pets initially. They’re likewise valuable for scheduling vet appointments with vets in the network.

This is a somewhat more current thing. There aren’t a lot of models yet. In addition, the apps all do somewhat various things. Nonetheless, the individuals who utilize these networks ought to have these apps.

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