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Top 10 Websites and Apps to Check Internet Speed



Websites and Apps to Check Internet Speed

With the majority of the nations actualizing a coronavirus lockdown including India, the US, numerous individuals are working from home, and others are spending time on the internet. Because of this, the internet infrastructure internationally has taken a hit given the expanded traffic. This is causing internet speed delays and a general slowdown.

Numerous organizations like YouTube and Netflix have found a way to check this overload by either lessening the streaming quality or decreasing the functionality of certain features. Be that as it may, this can’t, and clients are as yet experiencing slow speeds. On the off chance that you think your net connection is working slow, at that point here are the top 10 websites you can use to check the speed of your internet connection.

Ookla Speedtest

Ookla’s Speedtest is the most renowned internet bandwidth testing website over the globe. They as of now have the most servers over the globe, because of which they can give the ideal data on the speeds one is getting from their ISP. The website likewise lets clients make an account and compare their download and upload speeds and different networks and clients. Speedtest is accessible on Android and iOS as a dedicated app too.

2. SpeedSmart Speed Test

SpeedSmart is an incredible little app that offers a handy HTML5 alternative for you to test your Internet speed. It doesn’t, thusly depend on Flash.

When you connect to the website it will decide your IP location immediately. You would then be able to have it analyze your Internet latency, download, and upload speeds, as you’d anticipate.

3. Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is an exceptionally basic tool to use, as it just expects clients to open its website and press ‘Start’ on the pop-up that will ask on opening the webpage, “If you would like to start the test?” This tool will investigate the internet connection through a five-step procedure, which makes it somewhat longer than other internet speed testing websites. After the examination, it will give a total report about the internet connection and its health.


Even though Ookla will give many more statistics about the internet connection and the surrounding neighborhood connections, FAST is less complex and cleaner in its interface. It lets clients check their download speed, upload speed, latency, IP address, and ISP’s server location. The website and app were made by Netflix.

5. Speed Check and WiFi Finder

Speed Check is an incredible alternative for your cell phone while all over the place. Brought to you from SpeedSpot, this affectionately designed app will give all of you the essential data you truly need.

It’ll show you your upload and download speeds, obviously, yet additionally, let you save it for later reference.

6. Bandwidth Place

This is a significant uncluttered website and has been planned in a format that makes it simple-to-use. It is HTML5 based and doesn’t require to use Flash or CSS elements, which saves on the initial bandwidth while testing. Additionally, it lets clients pick the server, which is something worth being thankful for. Ookla additionally does likewise, yet for that one needs to go into its settings. Bandwidth Place simply has the option upfront.

7. Network Analyzer App

Here’s an extraordinary little app for checking your Internet speed on your smart device. Network Analyzer App will let you test your iPhone’s Internet connection.

It will likewise scan VPNs, Wake-on-LAN for corporate use and much more.

8. Open Speed Test

For the gamers out there, who may be seeing the latency of their games go up, they can test out their internet connections on the Open Speed Test. This not just enlightens a client concerning their download and upload speeds, yet also, gives them the jitter and ping data. On the off chance that these are excessively high, gamers would then be able to make a few changes to their games or their connection and afterward get playing.

9. SpeedOf.Me

SpeedOf.Me is another online Internet speed checker that dispenses with Flash and works with HTML5. Regardless of this can’t best looking at sites.

Despite this, it makes up for its subpar aesthetics with an excess of valuable data on your Internet connection.

10. is a straightforward, yet successful, Internet speed test website. You can freely test upload and download speeds and benchmark them to your city’s average.

The beginning is extremely clear as crystal and it gives a progress bar to the test, which is constantly valued.

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