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Google Classroom education app: Here is a complete guide to using Google Classroom during coronavirus lockdown



Google Classroom education app

When nations have been placed on a coronavirus lockdown, representatives and students the same is going to video conferencing and video calling apps for associating with their partners and for continuing ahead with their educational plan as schools stay closed. Presently, the coronavirus pandemic has supported Google Classroom to 50 million downloads on Android and the #1 education app on both Android and iOS.

Google Classroom is a free app for schools and non-profit organizations. It makes it simple for educators to interface with students outside the classroom.

Google Classroom is intended to improve the home learning experience for both parents and kids.

What is Google Classroom?

Classroom spares time and paper and makes it simple to make classes, disseminate assignments, communicate and remain sorted out.

You make projects and assignments within the app and would then be able to share them with your children over email with deadlines.

Google Classroom utilizes Google Docs implying that you can go paperless with your learning.

How do I use Google Classroom?

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play app store.

It very well may be used on a laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Just make dedicated folders for every one of your kid’s subjects and you can upload worksheets and tasks to every one of these folders for your children to finish.

By using the Google calendar you can set deadlines for each task implying that both you and your kids can monitor what is being finished.

Since this implies you can monitor what work has been finished – and pursue up any late submissions.

If you want to scrutinize your children’s knowledge then you can make your tests on the Google Forum.

How can I set Google Classroom up?

Start by visiting the website

There you can set up a free account using your email address.

Make classes by tapping the “+” button in the top right-hand corner and choosing “create a class.”

Then fill in the subtleties as indicated by the subject.

You can add assignments to each “class” by clicking “updates” and afterward the “+” button.

Include lesson material using your Google Drive and this could be worksheets or a YouTube video.

Then you would be able to welcome your children to your class by getting them to sign in to the classroom with the unique code you have shared with them.

Google Classroom makes a Drive folder for each new class you make – the folders show up as “class tiles”.

The entirety of your assignments and lesson material will be spared to each tile with any work your children complete being saved there as well.

Is Google Classroom any great?

Parents who have used the app have appreciated its structure with regards to home learning.

Reviewing the app, one mum expressed: “If you don’t have Google Classroom, you do need it. It helps you keep up with all of your work.”

Agreeing a second stated: “Allows my daughter to connect with the school and allows her to catch up with missing work.”

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