Who is Matthias Mende?

This article is a review/about a man named Matthias Mende, he is not only a well known public figure, but he’s also very smart! He won’t try and sell you something, because he’s going to EDUCATE you. Unlike some of the famous influencers we know. Mende is very different, to say the least.

From being featured on the news to closing multi-million dollar deals Mende seems to stop at nothing. And it looks like nothing will ever stop him either. While sitting at over 150,000 followers, you can see he has good connections even on social media. This is surprising to me as well haha.
You can find his Instagram and some of his most famous quotes below. Make sure to give him a follow after you dive into his world!

“Obviously don’t believe everything you see, if things are unclear then ask orndo your research properly”

“I love regulations because they will protect innocent people and improve the reputation of Blockchain Projects. Simply once there is a law, there is order”

“Once you become an expert in your respective field, the answer is simple: talk to people and educate them. Don’t try to sell, just educate.”

“Invest into your team”


Rob Harris

Rob Harris is a lawyer by profession. But his hobby is writing that’s why he writes news, blogs and books side by side. He is known to not only write articles on law but also politics. He has a collection of poems and articles that he had written. So he provides news on Time Bulletin.
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