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Bursting myths – India’s First World Natural Bodybuilding Champion Yuvaprakash



Yuvaprakash – An inspiration for Natural Bodybuilding

A perfectly fit body has always been a dream and a desire for today’s youth. To achieve it, there is a natural way for which Yuvaprakash is an example. With the advent of social media and lack of proper guidance, the younger generation is leaning towards steroids which have proven to be a quick and easier solution. Steroids are a double-edged sword, at times can cost one’s dear health. Why tread on a rocky road of steroids when you can naturally reach your goals?

Yuvaprakash, a wellness model, personal coach, renowned athlete, and celebrity fitness coach, is a popular name in the universe of fitness and wellness. To quote an incredible feat Yuva is the first Indian to win in Classic physique in  ICN (I Compete Natural) and in Men’s physique in WNBF ( World Natural Bodybuilding Federation). To appear in these milestone events, he has undergone rigorous polygraph testing and drug testing conducted by the WADA- WORLD ANTI DOPING AGENCY (an elite testing committee that tests athletes who participate in Olympics).

Performance enhancement drugs have been proven to provide exciting and relatively quick results that the consumer desires but in the long run these performance enhancement drugs and steroids can lead to multiple health issues. Even renowned bodybuilders were not spared from multiple health-related complications. These drugs when not used under proper guidance can lead to body image disorders and cardiac complications to name a few. 

Saiyan’s House of Fitness in Kottivakkam, ECR, Chennai is created with one righteous mission to guide people in the path of natural bodybuilding. Yuva has coached and mentored plenty of celebrities and athletes who have gone on to win national and international bodybuilding competitions which is yet another feather to his cap. Yuva has dedicated his life with a singular aim to change the perception of today’s youth, to make them believe, in the natural process of bodybuilding. Yuva Prakash with his team of certified and highly qualified trainers provides the customer with the best way to better themselves to create an incredible physique. TEAM YUVA at Saiyan’s house works with the Motto, which claims; “We guarantee your transformation, or you can take your money back.” This speaks volumes about the confidence and the track record they have in their methods. The astringent plan has been laid out for each client through an application that tracks everything from their diet to their workout and is also user-friendly.

NATTY SUPPS, an establishment by Yuva in Bengaluru and Chennai functions to deliver the best quality of supplements to people in their footsteps. Natty supports directly and only buys supplements from brands or the official importers making sure the products are genuine.

Yuva Prakash is a bona fide athlete who has proven his mettle in the field of bodybuilding through natural and healthy ways. This is nothing short of an inspiration to what can be achieved when one sets his mind to it. His dedication and consistency have been his driving force to incline the modern youth toward Natural bodybuilding in which he is an undeniable shining star.


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