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Common mistakes in bodybuilding by Shahab Abbasi



Common mistakes in bodybuilding by Shahab Abbasi

Mistake 1: Weight lifting

The essence of bodybuilding exercises is to challenge the muscles. You are not supposed to pick up weights and dumbbells that are like straws for you. If the weight is too light for you, it has no effect on muscle growth and strength.

Mistake 2: Overdoing it

Although getting stronger is very important; But lifting heavy weights at any cost is another mistake. Unfortunately, most bodybuilders use more weights than they can handle when they become professional.

Mistake 3: Not squatting

Squats are very important for the thighs and hips and the whole body. It is also a useful movement to get rid of belly and side fat. Other benefits of the squat movement include: muscle growth and strengthening, increased metabolism, improved body balance, fat burning, increased bone density, and improved posture in old age.

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