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Diablo Immortal x Burger King partnership is happening to produce the Diablo Ultimate Donut King in Korea



Diablo Immortal x Burger King partnership is happening to produce the Diablo Ultimate Donut King in Korea

Diablo Immortal was officially released on June 3, 2022. The most recent installment of the globally acclaimed Diablo franchise beat the download rankings in two significant app markets in Korea. To celebrate the game’s outcome in the country (Korea), Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of Diablo Immortal have teamed up in a coordinated effort with Burger King to produce a limited-edition burger called the Diablo Ultimate Donut King. Tragically, this is simply restricted to Korea for the present and there’s no clue when something like this could occur until the end of the globe.

Last year Blizzard launched a restricted edition beer to commemorate the release of Diablo II: Resurrected. Blizzard Entertainment partnered with Magpie Brewing Co. to launch the restricted edition refreshment.

Diablo Immortal x Burger King partnership additionally rewards players using the ‘Diablo Immortal Goods Lucky Relay’ event

The recently presented ‘Diablo Ultimate Donut King’ has a few particular features that add a novel allure. The burger comprises donut-shaped chicken patties and fired pure beef patties. The umami (which is the savoriness or the meaty flavor that makes burgers so scrumptious) has been added with an uncommonly pre-arranged sauce called the Diablo sauce.

The game’s outcome in the Asian nation has required this celebration as this restricted edition burger is currently accessible at Burger King stores nationwide. To open the rewards, visit the Diablo Immortal X Burger King exceptional website. After visiting the website, a free coupon for the ‘Diablo Ultimate Donut King’ set-up will be given. The developers are likewise giving out different prizes for getting to the Burger King versatile application from the site.

In the wake of opening the collaboration site, open the Burger King mobile application around there and apply for the Diablo Immortal Goods Lucky Relay Event, which concedes extra rewards. Seems to be Blizzard Entertainment is leaving no stones unturned in celebrating the enormous outcome of the MMORPG by rewarding players.

Diablo Immortal is an allowed-to-play AAA-level game that can be downloaded free of charge on iOS and Android, and will likewise be released as an open beta for Windows PC through

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