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Famous Instagram influencer Jon Delgado (@jondlgado) is all set to shine on Instagram



Jon Delgado

Is the image really worth 1000 words, on Instagram, that question might have finally been answered? In today’s digital world, Instagram is one of the most popular social media site which allows people to post videos and photos in the most simplest and stylish way. Someone with a high following on Instagram is considered as an influencer. Who can effect people decision making in a matter of some humorous insta stories. They can make a good living by partnering with brands to advertise their products.

Do you spend hours on Instagram posting and reading content? Would you like to develop something you love into a  business?

However, once you get that, it’s all a matter of time when you will get the recognition and fame you’ve worked for. And this is exactly what happened to Jon Delgado, an 18-year-old Spaniard from Pamplona. Delgado started at a young age and determined, knowing from a young age that he was 12 that he wanted to take the Internet by storm.

Recent research has revealed that about 72% of consumers will buy a product based on some content from social media. In addition, 40% bought something they saw used by a creative person. Building a following on social media takes time and your followers are basically strangers. They follow you because they trust you and want to feel part of you. There is a burden being said when people put their trust in you. Just don’t sell yourself for products that you haven’t worked with and have no experience too close to making a band. 

Now, that in itself is nothing but normal. But young Delgado struggled to build his online presence and received great appreciation and praise for his first account, @infanciaexterminada, which reached an astonishing height of 1.3 million followers before becoming disabled.

Not to lose heart, Jon Delgado thought he is young enough to start over and pay attention to his own account – he started uploading the same funny, humorous content, but with a personal touch.

His new account, which goes by IG handle @jondlgado, promises to be much better than the last one. Although the account itself has been around for a few years, Delgado started using it more recently. Keeping in mind that his main focus has been spent on his other account, it’s amazing to see that @jondlgado has managed to reach 10,000 followers.

Jon Delgado @jondlgado has been here before and had success on Instagram. He may be young but he knows exactly what it takes to be an influencer. Follow his instagram handle @jondlgado and learn some important lessons on what it takes to be influential.

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