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Finest Lionsgate Play Web Series To Watch In 2022



As it were, expected to the Covid pandemic, we have significantly impacted how we consume content. Prior, the majority of us didn’t focus on web-based features. Be that as it may, presently, pretty much all of us have changed to watching titles on streaming stages. Today, we are here to examine one such stage known as Lionsgate Play.

Sent off back in 2020, ‘Lionsgate Play’ is somewhat new to other web-based features. Nonetheless, the OTT stage is gradually moving up in prominence. Assuming that you intend to try this assistance out, you want to find out about its substance.

1. Mad Men(2007-2015)


In one more oldie but a goodie, ‘Mad Men’ follows one of New York’s most rich promotional firms. The story is set during the 1960s and significantly features the existence of gifted advertisement chief Donald Draper. With a rating of 8.7/10, it stays one of the most amazing TV shows that Lionsgate Play offers.

2. Hiccups and Hookups (Ongoing)

Hiccups And Hookups 1

A web-based feature is considered on par with its unique series. Even though Lionsgate Play is somewhat fresher, it is as of now delivering a few fascinating unique shows. The 2021 web series ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ is among them. The satire show centers around an offbeat group of three with their arrangements of issues.

3. Love Life (Ongoing)


The third section in our rundown is from an unexpected class in comparison to the next two. ‘Love Life’ falls in the satire sentiment dramatization and is generally new. Even though it is as yet going on, the series has accumulated a few astonishing surveys on the web. Remembering that, its ubiquity will just continue to take off through the rooftop.

4. Jugaadistan (Ongoing)

Lionsgate Play launches second original ugaadistan 1645017864

Polishing things off with Jugaadistan, which is another ‘Lionsgate Play’ unique. The show centers around school life yet the political and dirty viewpoints. If you love Indian substances, it is an ideal decision for you. You will perceive a few appearances from other famous Indian OTT content. The cherry on the top is its 9.1/10 rating on IMDb.

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