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Google Duo-Meet merger is now beginning to roll out on Android and iOS for everyone



Google Duo Meet merger is now beginning to roll out on Android and iOS for everyone

There’s a major change underway at the present time, as Google takes its most recent cut at “simplifying” its communication apps by merging Duo and Meet. The organization went official with its plan back toward the beginning of June, and about a month after the fact we began seeing an early sign of this change, as an update to Duo began presenting some new functionality and branding recognized the pending Meet re-branding. At that point, a couple of individuals were seeing any of this, yet with August now upon us, apparently Duo clients wherever are being gotten on the change.

All toward the beginning of last month, Google announced that Duo is becoming Meet and adding its features throughout the next few months. Google Duo’s Meet consolidation is currently starting to roll out on Android.

Lately, the Google Duo-Meet consolidation has generally rolled out. All gadgets – both Android and iOS running from 170 – that we checked today feature the “Duo is getting even better” card at the highest point of the new home screen.

Other than the new “History” section, tapping the FAB uncovers the two new calling choices, while you get a security outline prior to settling on your first call.

This accessibility comes as Google updated the first Meet app with another green icon and presently refers to it as “Meet (original)” on Android.

The following stage will see the Duo app renamed “Google” Meet with that existing icon/branding. This change will happen later in the year.

Assuming you saw a notice inside Google Duo as of late that mentions “Duo is getting even better” and were befuddled, very much we should get you up! Google Duo is disappearing soon, despite the fact that it will (as of now kind of turned out to be) all the more impressive with the features of Google Meet prior to being renamed to Google Meet.

Fire up Duo, and you’ll currently be greeted by a similar card we initially spotted three weeks prior, providing you with a concise outline of the change plans and offering links to find out more. Like we saw in those days, the new call button has been improved to simply “New,” and tapping through gives you new choices for beginning meetings or scheduling things in the Calendar.

Indeed, even with this change currently showing up generally, Duo is still “Duo,” and we’ve presumably got two or three months to go before Google’s prepared to make its large last push, where the Duo app we realize now will completely embrace Meet branding. There might in any case be a lot of other more modest tweaks along the way, reviving the app’s interface as we see here, yet until further notice, we’re simply taking a gander at a greater amount of what we got half a month prior.

This is the very thing that you really want to be familiar with the finish of Google Duo.

  • Back in June, Google let us know that Duo would before long see a major update that would bring over every one of the features of Google Meet. That implies things like virtual backgrounds, scheduling meetings, live sharing, integration with services like Gmail, and an expansion in video call sizes were all approaching Duo. That has fundamentally occurred right now and is the reason you are seeing the message at the highest point of Duo. In the event that you go to begin another Duo call, you ought to see a lot of new Meet-related items at the top.
  • To the extent that Google Duo’s features and contacts and call histories go, those are staying close by. Once more, this is simply a major update for Duo to get Meet features, without losing the stuff it previously had.
  • To get to Duo on the web, you can through the ordinary spots you could at this moment, yet in the long run, you’ll divert to Also, that seems OK since Duo is becoming Meet.
  • When Google updates everybody’s Duo with new Meet features, they intend to rename Google Duo to “Google Meet” before the finish of 2022. Around then, the other Google Meet you as of now have on your phone will essentially be renamed to “Meet Original” and afterward censured.
  • What’s more, that is essentially it. Google Duo is getting Google Meet’s all features prior to becoming Google Meet.

That message at the highest point of your Google Duo app is the start of another journey for Google’s video calling services.

Subsequent to updating to the most recent version (169.0.459621665.duo.android_20220612.16_p6), a handful of clients are seeing a “Duo is getting even better” card just under the search field. This is a long way from a wide rollout. Google connects to this support article to find out more.

In the wake of tapping the FAB (Floating Action Button), which drops “call” and simply says “New,” you currently have choices to “Create a new meeting” and “Schedule in Google Calendar” that began from Google Meet.

The last option is something that Google says customers are progressively hoping to do, while big enterprise clients need more immediate one-click calling. Tapping opens what’s basically the Google Calendar creation experience with a prefilled Meet URL.

In the meantime, “Create a new meeting” gives a link with choices to copy, “Share,” and “Join meeting.” That meeting will show up on the tweaked home screen under the new “Meetings” section, which will likewise list any scheduled events from your Calendar.

Prior to beginning a meeting with the new app, Google shows a privacy page taking note of the creation some distance from end-to-end encryption (E2EE). [Update: Google says 1:1 calls and group video that you start by ringing straightforwardly still “uses end-to-end encryption to mask data with a code that only you and the other callers have access to.” However, “Meet Meetings in the Duo app” that are accessed via links leverage “cloud-encryption measures.”]

Meet purposes cloud encryption to keep your conversations private. Dissimilar to end-to-end encryption, cloud encryption allows you to utilize more features like chat and live captions.
Your Google Account name and pronouns will be displayed to others in a call.
Individuals you have recently blocked in Duo can join calls in Meet.

Google recently told that the consolidation will be firmly monitored so clients aren’t abandoned or see quality degradation. Which’s beginning to happen today with Duo getting existing Meet features is Phase 1. This incorporates virtual backgrounds, in-meeting text chat, real-time closed captions, and up to 100 (from 32) participants.

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