“In Too Deep” is Nafiscw’s ride to the otherside

With the publication of his brand-new EP, Nafiscw has completely taken over the music world. This EP has three songs. One of the songs rapidly became famous. “In Too Deep” has broken streaming records across all platforms. Nafiscw has become a worldwide musical superstar.

Nafiscw has always been fascinated by music. As a kid, he possessed exceptional musical skill. He is adept at anticipating his fans’ preferences and wishes. As a result, his music is personalized to the listener’s preferences. We should anticipate major things from him in the future, given the influence of EDM musicians like David Guerra and Tiesto, as well as his exposure to LA music.

Rumor Records handled the EP’s distribution. Rumor Records’ collaboration with Nafiscw culminated in the development of a masterpiece in the form of the single “In Too Deep.” Nafiscw’s carefree and absolutely reckless musical approach is shown by this song.

Listen to Nafiscw’s music by clicking below:

For more, visit Nafiscw’s Instagram page:

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