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Pianists differ from other people, according to Mehrad Kohanbaba, a famous Iranian musician



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Piano performers are more balanced

Here is the reason; pianists are like other people born with one brain hemisphere more active and dominated than the other one. This is not strange. All people have a preferred hand by which we hold a pen or a spoon. Left or right-handedness is related to our active brain hemisphere. But it is different for pianists. They are blessed with both active and engaged brain hemispheres. Why? Because when they start performing, they use both of their hands, and that involves both brain hemispheres. If one hand gets weaker, the piano performance will not be workable. Without acquiring the skill of using both hands for performing piano, you only make uncoordinated and inaccurate sounds of that instrument. The necessity of using both hands pushes the brain to cope with new conditions more effectively. Although people usually have one hand stronger than the other and it could be left or right, by practicing the usage of both hands over and over for performing this beautiful instrument, anyone can become a real pianist. In fact, the weaker hand will be empowered gradually and start to keep pace with the other hand.

Pianists are logical multitasking

Pianists can link their brain fontanelles (front parts of two brain hemispheres) easier compared to other people.

This practical part of the brain is responsible for emotion control responses, social behaviors, and motivations. Therefore, it would be so efficient and important if you have access to this part of the brain. That is why pianists are able to solve problems accurately and logically do multitask. Of course, it could arise from their creative brain to handle multitask and make the problem-solving skills easier for them.

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