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Priyanka Bansal,Mrs.INDIA 2021, Beauty with Brain, the rising new star



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She emerged as the “Mrs India 2021” and enthralled all with her wit, intelligence, and beauty.
Isn’t it wondrous to learn about all those wonderful women of the world who make sure to put enough effort into turning their dreams a reality? Today, in any field, the women brigade has become the topic of discussion, thanks to their unending hard work, positive mental attitude, perseverance, and resilience. They have been breaking molds and achieving their desired success across industries and fields, and even in spaces known to have been dominated by men. Women are those powerful forces of nature that can rule the world and how. We couldn’t help but notice the meteoric rise of one such amazing beauty named Priyanka Bansal”, who has been making a lot of headlines lately for her rising prominence in the world of modelling.

Wondering who is Priyanka Bansal? Well, this passionate woman has become one of the rising stars in the modelling field. She hails from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Recently, she won the title “Mrs India 2021”, the event finale of which was held in Varanasi, an all over India pageant. The finalists were chosen from across the country – north, south, east, and west. Priyanka Bansal managed to emerge as a winner amidst tough competition, beating the beautiful ladies from other states. She was seen representing the crown for Super Queen.

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Priyanka can’t thank the organizers enough for their constant support and encouragement to her. She also credited her son, Kapish Bansal, dedicating the crown to him, and of course her husband, Ashish Kumar Bansal, for his unconditional love and support to her. Speaking about her experiences of the Q&A round at the pageant, Priyanka Bansal revealed that she enthralled the judges with her witty reply to their questions like, “How would you handle criticism if you get negativity in the industry? She replied saying, “Positivity and negativity are two sides of the same coin in every field. I will act like a spring, which, if pushed down, will only propel higher with more strength, energy, and positivity.”she impressed jury members and every one with her unique answers.

The mesmerizing beauty with brains also can’t go without thanking her mentor, celebrity manager Mr. Anuj Chuke sir, who showed her the path to success. She aims to be a top model and a great role model for every woman out there and their families to fly higher in their endeavours. Priyanka Bansal earlier this year had also become “Mrs Maharashtra Style Icon 2021”. She has also been actively participating in various social activities, thanks to her selfless and kind heart.

Her style, vibe, expressive eyes, intelligence, and beauty all have thrust her forward in the industry.

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