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Raphael Oliver: A self-made makeup artist with an incredible talent




While most of us look everywhere for motivation, some individuals simply seem to have found the source.

What defines after all and what separates some professionals and people with above average success from the mass?

A self-responsible attitude and a strong, focused mind has helped people to top the rankings even in the midst of devastating competition, especially in the professional makeup field.

What if we say that a certain professional makeup artist and educator has achieved immense success around the world through his or her own efforts? We are talking about Raphael Oliver, the man who dreamed and dared to fight for the vision of living exclusively from the makeup artist profession and still helping countless people to do the same, going against the average of professionals who are simply stagnant and don’t know how to grow and stand out. amidst the crowd.

Being a determined Brazilian makeup artist, whose journey began in his adolescence in an unpretentious way, but which emerged around the age of 22. Raphael Oliver has always been focused and always liked to go deep into everything he set out to do, and without a doubt those qualities have taken him to the top of the industry.

Currently he has traveled to numerous countries such as the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates, India and Turkey, taking his knowledge and experience to professional makeup artists in luxurious masterclasses.

Thanks to the results of his students, who, after his courses, see their careers transform, Raphael Oliver builds every day a gigantic demand from people who also want to be certified internationally with him and finally enjoy an abundant and prosperous career in professional makeup. .

Raphael Oliver decided to go beyond the limitations of his native language, Portuguese and learned to speak English and Spanish fluently in order to teach a greater number of people who need his transformative knowledge.

He currently lives in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, but he never stopped, since practically every month he has International classes. In addition to his face-to-face courses, Master Raphael Oliver also offers a complete online course where he also prepares makeup artists from all over the world through an innovative method that teaches makeup, marketing and photography techniques. His vision is to prepare these professionals in a comprehensive way, and not just teach them how to apply makeup. In this way they are able to structure a business around makeup, which allows them to make a lot more money than usual.

We bet you want to know more about him; go follow him on Instagram @raphaeloliverofficial and website:

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