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Rosie Abou Nassar leaves a remarkable impact as a fashion influencer



Rosie Abou Nassar leaves a remarkable impact as a fashion influencer

Making a seamless transition as a fashion influencer is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of effort, energy and knowledge to dive deep into this massive industry filled with millions of fashionistas. With thorough skills, Rosie Abou Nassar has made a successful mark for herself as a fashion influencer. Born and brought up in Canada, she juggles between several countries for her professional commitments.

Rosie has collaborated with global brands from different categories. Besides this, she has walked the ramp for various fashion designers and luxury fashion houses.

As an influencer, she has explored the best destinations in the world. An avid traveller that she is, Rosie Abou Nassar loves to visit exotic locations. She says, “I am in a profession where my work pays me to travel across the globe. I have always believed that we have got one life, and it should be lived to the fullest.” Having worked with notable brands, the influencer always felt to start a venture of her own.

Rosie Abou Nassar

Learning from her past experiences, Rosie has unarguably set her footprints as one of the most successful fashionistas. In her exemplary career, she has not only mastered herself in beauty and skincare but has also inspired thousands of fashionistas with her impeccable sense of style. While concluding, she stated that she is keen to launch an exclusive fashion label which is at par with other luxury fashion houses of the world.

Follow Rosie Abou Nassar on Instagram @rosie.abn.

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