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Music entrepreneur Rowe Rowe started out as a recording artist at the age of twelve. Ten years later and he is now a talent scout and artist manager for a music talent agency out in Los Angeles. Over the years, he has seen a drastic shift in the consumer economy as music I.P. merges with the creator. That is to say, artists have now become digital entities and are not merely their music alone. One of his advantages he feels he is able to bring to the table is having been on the creative side first. Now, he is focusing on the business side of the music industry at large, but focusing on connecting the dots for creatives and helping their careers grow as a mutual process. His biggest advice is early on to seek a team of creatives to build and grow with. Use digital platforms such as Tik Tok and Twitch to promote new music releases and even cover series, which can act as a cross-promotion tactic. 

There is no doubt the music industry is evolving, but for Rowe he hopes that artists can monetize their craft while also being able to focus on the music creation itself. In addition, brand identity is extremely crucial and having outlets such as merchandise can help establish an artist’s namesake as well. With so much content being put out there, the emphasis to stand out is at an all time high. However, this also allows for new collaboration to occur, and pushes the focus on the creation of the music itself even further. To learn more about Rowe Rowe, follow these links:




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