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Spreading sheer joy and bliss with her pro music craft – Shiva Nosrati. The young music artist is setting high benchmark with her recent song “Yaghi.”




One constant thing that we have observed over the years has been the emergence of young talents across varied fields and businesses. The exuberance of youth has never let us down and has always shown great levels of promise and potential. With many new young age entrepreneurs flooding the current markets, there have been an equal rise in number of artists and professionals entertaining mass audiences with their amazing talent and thrill. Music industry too has witnessed great loads of talented artists that have made huge progress entertaining millions across the globe. The talent has been in abundance and the markets have reciprocated in many ways to help many budding artists create a special niche and place for themselves in the wide industry. We saw one emerging music artist hustling her way to the top by enthralling all audiences with her unique and creative music craft – Shiva Nosrati.

The music artist has gained much fame for her unique performance in her recent tracks, which includes – Tavaload, Khooneye Akhar, Me Ashaghe To Hastarom, Dige Dire, Yaghi, Gole Khakestari and Tamare bi Javab. All her songs have gained much attention of the audiences. The grand success of all her songs encouraged her to work more creative and skillful. The success of her songs has catered her a unique place in this huge industry. Music industry is an ocean where only genuine talent can sail her boat successfully. Shiva enhances her music craft and efficient performance in her songs. Today is one most the renowned personality music industry exploring herself globally.

Within short span of time and at tender age Shiva accomplish a sound success and fan following in the music world. The patience she inbuilt in her self and the love for her work helped her to create a music craft which entertain the millions of audiences.

Best wishes to the prominent music artist for future endeavor.

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