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Talented musician Serge Cheretovich is making the world fall in love with his tracks titled Friday Date, Breathe, Blocks, and Tired



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He has excelled exceptionally well in the music sphere, giving some outstanding music which has won him a steady fan following.

Some talented artists from the world of music are born to conquer the creative realm with their outstanding work and mind-blowing capabilities to perform to their best. Such extreme talents are found across distinct fields, especially around the creative zone, music to be precise. They exude such tremendous talent that their work is recognized on a global platform. We have come across many such individuals who have done wonders with their work in the world of music and won a million hearts across the globe. Amongst the current breed of talented musicians whose tunes have spellbound the audiences and gained much appreciation is Serge Cheretovich, as his exemplary skills in music-making have taken him to the next level, giving him much exposure on a global platform.

We asked the talented musician what has been his source of inspiration and what made him choose this field as a career going ahead in life, to which he said, “I was always drawn towards music ever since I was a kid, and I remember playing tunes on whichever musical instruments I could lay my hands on. Music had a great influence on me since the time I remember.” He says that he has always been in awe of music makers since his early days and had decided well beforehand that he wanted to master this space and win people’s hearts with his work. His dreams indeed came true and with time, he emerged as the most talented music master the industry has ever seen, giving some outstanding music that has left the listeners spellbound.

Some of the popular tracks that have pushed him on a prominent pedestal around the music industry include Body, Friday Date, Breathe, Blocks, and Tired. He has undoubtedly made his own distinct mark in the big world of music and is moving ahead at a fast pace to conquer a million more hearts along his journey.


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