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Vaibhav Viraj is one of the youngest digital entrepreneurs and influencers



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The latest trend is Social Media and like every other vogue, only a few people with a vision got to make their mark on the spot. One such example is Vaibhav Viraj, (CEO and Founder of VRJ MEDIA) from Delhi. Vaibhav, a young and leading digital entrepreneur is serving his best to others. Making such progressive strides in the world of social media marketing is not an easy task but he worked tirelessly to establish his reputation in social media marketing.

Born in the digital age, Vaibhav was always interested in what was happening on social media to learn something new. He continued to study the trends and evolution of digital market right since his student days. Social media is changing the world, and we’re all witnessing it. But to actually be that change we need someone who understands what social media is who has deep knowledge in technology and is an expert in digital marketing.

Doing his electronic and communication engineering he came to know how modern the world is full of digital media and in the increasing popularity of social media he realized he has keen interest in information technology and he is managing many celebrity pages and even various public figures. He has also provided technical support to many celebrities actors and actresses.

There are so many things he has covered in this field like advertising things through Google adsense and also Been a Saviour for many celebrities for recovering their hacked pages and has provided technical support to them. Marketing your presence on social media is important as creating your presence.

The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content and he is doing exactly that. Social media has evolved to be an unstoppable force and he is definitely one of the most experienced and known for his work.

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