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  • Crypto trading has come a far way by this time but do you know that previously there were many problems related to it, and on the top comes lack of a proper digital wallet,
  • There was no digital wallet to securely store your crypto, invest in digital currencies, and trade with crypto.
  • That’s where ATS Wallet stepped in; the ATS wallet is the first-ever digital wallet in history by Abacon Technology System back in 2017.
  • ATS wallet is the first digital wallet to develop a masternode passive interest system that enables you to securely use and invest in all digital currencies within one mobile application.
  • ATS wallet has many state-of-the-art features such as faster swap rates and faster exchanges speed than other digital wallets.
  • If you transfer Ethereum from ATS wallet to another platform it only takes 2 minutes to be successful and if we talk about the swap rates in wallet it will only require 20 minutes to maximum of one hour, 
  • It’s the fastest swap rate right now in all digital wallets right now because they can take up to 8 hours to 24 hours. 
  • The ATS wallet supports a vast range of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, BCH (Bitcoin Cash) ethereum, litecoin, dash, and zcash.
  • Through ATS you can request payment in cryptocurrencies easily anytime and anywhere.
  • The wallet has an advanced level of security, strong encryption and cryptography guarantee that your funds are always safe and within your control.
  • ATS wallet offers easier and faster exchanges of cryptocurrency with credit or debit cards as well as faster bank transfers with the lowest fee as compared to other methods. 
  • Our team is always there for your support; in case there is any problems just leave our support team a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • The users have complete privacy and anonymity, there are no IP associations, no identity linking, your transactions are not tracked and our servers always hide your IP so that you are safe from any kind of scams and our state-of-the-art system works to keep your identity anonyms always.
  • ATS wallets users are FDIC insured up to $150,000, with the exceptional level of security, there would be no need for insurance but still to make sure that you are covered the insurance is in place. 
  • So you can realize the high potentials of the ATS wallet, now what if we tell you that that the ATS is currently opening to sell its share for as low as $0.05?
  • Yes! It’s your chance for making some serious profits by buying the shares of the company as it’s in front of you that starting from 2013 to the current period, ATS has developed just the right experience and expertise in the crypto industry,
  • If you are still skeptical about buying ATS shares, let’s have a look at how the company has developed over a short time due to our team of highly dedicated crypto professionals.
  • As told before, the ATS developed blockchain technology in 2013, now blockchain technology is said to be the first thing in complementing the potential of bitcoin, it is the hottest industry in America and people are making huge profits through this technology.
  •  After the successful development and launch of the ATS wallet in 2017, the company empowered ATS wallet with the cutting edge mining technology known as the masternode,
  • Now masternodes are used by crypto experts to generate high profits, ATS also uses masternodes due to which it is capable of securing up to 90% profits annually, and ATS was the very first digital wallet in history that creates Masternode.
  • Masternode pump mining technology is created by Dash, 
  • Masternode gives vast range of plus points to the ATS Wallet, it helps in carrying out instant transactions due to which ATS wallet performs faster transactions than all other digital wallets, it adds an extra layer of security to our wallet due to the increased privacy on transactions. 
  • As discussed previously, in ATS wallet the investments are developed through masternodes, so masternode pump strategy is actually about continuously creating new masternodes which makes the masternode coin scare and to cover that scarcity the price goes up in fact we can say that price pump spikes. 
  • And when your desired price will be attained, it will immediately unlock the profit by taking the masternode and continuing to create masternodes of another coin to make it scare and same drill will be followed again, ATS wallet is the very first wallet to share internal shares through masternodes which enables it to secure stable profits of up to 90%.  
  • Masternodes are not only used as a method to invest in the cryptocurrency, they are far more than that, they are now utilized in determining when to boost the value of a coin, this offers the investors a better chance for securing profits.
  • ATS is simply the best digital wallet in the crypto market and we don’t say that, the facts you heard before speak for themselves.
  • You can now imagine the dedication and experience of the ATS team and how the worth of the company will increase in near future,  
  • This experience over the years has given the right potential to the company for development which will grow over the coming years.
  • Currently, you could highly benefit from the low ATS stock ownership as the stocks of the company will grow massively in the future as by March 2022 the ATS shares will be listed on the US stock exchange.
  • So, when the investors will buy ATS shares through their participation in the masternodes, they will have two sources of income. 
  • The first is that their share value will increase by March 2022 as the value of shares is equal to the masternode package so they will be selling their shares with the minimum of $1 when the IPO launches in 2022. 
  • The second source of profits will be profits from dividends, as the investors will be receiving dividends after every six months according to the ration of shares they own. 
  • In addition to this the masternode investors who had own ATS shares today will passively receive Ethereum and Dash on daily basis. As you all know that these two coins are of very high potential in the cryptocurrency in the coin top table, there value will soon increase massively that will create very high profits for the investors.
  • Let’s talk about numbers here, if today you invest $20,000, you will get 1 million shares of ATS, and you wait until the IPO till March 2022 at that time you will be selling each share for about $1 that means that over 50 times profit.
  • You will also be getting a 150% share of Dash which will be equivalent to $30,000. 
  • As told before, Dash is a highly potential coin and soon it is expected to increase to $3,500 till end of 2021.
  • In that case your assets would have been increased a dozens of times. 
  • Now, let’s have a look on the 3 packages from which you can buy the ATS stocks,
  • Invest $200-$5000 and receive 0.05%-0.4% per day
  • $5001-$20000 receive 0.1%-0.5% daily
  • $20001-$100000 receive 0.2%-0.6% daily
  • So, this is a great opportunity knocking at your door so don’t wait and buy the shares now, we guaranty you that the only thing which you will worry in future is that you should have bought more shares for the ATS.
  • That’s all from our side, now looking at the potentials of ATS you should be purchasing the shares as if you buy monthly grocery; these shares are just lottery tickets for you.
  • So don’t have second thoughts and buy ATS shares today if you want to earn big in the future.
  • All we can you is that get ATS share now because it is the high time for you as the price is low and sell them in the near future because the shares will increase massively and we don’t say that, the facts speak for themselves.
  • For more information click on the link below.
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