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The Vampire Diaries is Leaving Netflix US and Exists on Netflix in Other Regions Internationally Soon



The Vampire Diaries is Leaving Netflix US and Exists on Netflix in Other Regions Internationally Soon

The Vampire Diaries is leaving Netflix for a long while however a removal notice currently affirms that each of the eight seasons is leaving Netflix in September 2022 yet just in the United States. Here is the current expected removal timeline for The Vampire Diaries on Netflix.

The famous teen supernatural series generated an enormous universe on the US TV network The CW and ran for eight seasons. It’s been years since the show was on our screens and it has dwelled on Netflix in numerous regions for years.

Six Netflix regions keep on streaming The Vampire Diaries as of August 2022, including:

  • Netflix Australia (regardless of having a removal warning for last January)
  • Netflix India
  • Netflix Italy
  • Netflix United Kingdom
  • Netflix United States

However, as Warner Bros. TV keeps on asserting the back of its shows from providers like Netflix, The Vampire Diaries will ultimately leave Netflix for HBO Max.

The Vampire Diaries is Leaving Netflix US in September 2022

The Vampire Diaries was initially expected to leave Netflix in March 2022, as that was precisely 5 years after the final season was added to Netflix. We’ve seen all titles licensed to Netflix from The CW leave on this timeline yet we got a word in February that wouldn’t be the situation.

Much stranger is the point at which we got word recently that The Originals is leaving Netflix on July 1st, 2022. That is almost a year sooner than we initially expected (five years after the final season, on this occasion, was in August 2023).

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In June we got intel to recommend that the expiration date for The Vampire Diaries was dated for September 4th, 2022.

Presently as we’re in August, that is affirmed with an expiry date currently appearing on The Vampire Diaries in the US.

The expiry notice states that your “Last day to watch on Netflix” is September 3rd with the show being eliminated at 12 PM on September 4th.

Will The Vampire Diaries Leave Netflix Internationally?

Obviously, The Vampire Diaries likewise exists on Netflix in different regions. Netflix UK once lost the show yet got it rapidly re-added.

The show is up for renewal again on January first, 2023 implying that come the new year, each of the eight seasons could leave, expecting a new deal isn’t struck to make all the difference for them.

Netflix India and Australia’s expiration dates are as of now set for December 31st, 2023 significance you have a lot of chances to watch.

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