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Luidmyla Tkachenko and the fashion industry



Luidmyla Tkachenko

Luidmyla Tkachenko is a name that is being used more and more often in the fashion and modelling industry. Being from Ukraine and moving to Los Angeles, California, Luidmyla began to make her dreams come true. With a passion for women empowerment, fitness and modelling Luidmyla began to set goals for herself and see how long it would take her to complete them.

Luidmyla enjoys travelling and modelling across the world in the most beautiful places this earth has to offer. After making a goal of hers to be on the cover of Vogue, she was then featured in the Ukrainian vogue magazine where she was featured throughout the whole magazine, modelling and discussing her future goals.

While modelling is not something that comes easy, especially in California, Luidmyla neber took no as an answer and always continued to better herself until she made it where she wanted to be. Creating a different business all on her own, she wanted to focus on the importance of women empowerment and she wanted to use her tools and knows to help women all over the world.

Luidmyla continued to do that with her business and charity that she works with IChange. As well she continues to model and display her knowledge on the fashion industry with as many people as she possibly can. You can find her on social media and see how she continues to make her dreams come true.

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