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Ravi Ranjan Kumar: Hopscotching Between Businessmen, Music and Social Media



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Everyone distinctly remembers the moment when the student body would split between the streams of arts, science and commerce. Each stream would become a camp of it’s own and believe itself to be superior, and relish in the fantasy that they did not need the other two to exist.

But every once in a while, someone walks in, someone who has a grip on all three.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar, 19 is currently pursuing a degree in computer applications, runs a digital marketing agency and is a beat artist and an influencer.

Ravi hails from Patna, and runs the Patna shout out page. He has garnered over 1.6 lakh followers on his Instagram and over 20k on Facebook. As an influencer he regularly collaborates with brands, supports good causes and regularly interacts with his followers.

Ravi also runs a successful company – Grow Experts where he works with companies and celebrities to help them build a successful digital marketing strategy. He is an expert in digital promotions, public relations and adwords.

He mainly works in beat creation as a musician and has released hit tracks like Flavours of Patna, and Trap Beat.

Ravi uses his time management skills to effectively divide time between all his ventures like business, music, social media and studies. He has a great passion for everything he does and is never tired of working.

Many will be confused as to why he chose to take on so many things, since he is already successful in one. Ravi has always had big ambitions and doesn’t want to box himself into a corner, he stays listening to his heart and has the courage to go anywhere and everywhere his heart wants him to go.

Ravi says, “Life itself is a journey and how can you expect to make the most of this journey if you stay at one place? You will be able to become the best version of yourself only if you go with the flow of life, and learn lessons along the way. Exploring and learning will make you a better human and show you all that the world has to offer.”.

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